Hailing from Russia, the neurofunk heavyweight known as Mizo certainly knows the coup de grâce to mercilessly decapitating heads on the dancefloor. Since resigning from the “Gydra” project to pursue his own solitary endeavours, Mizo has embarked on a relentless rampage ravaging the scene with his signature rip-groove finesse. The Dust Devil EP is certainly a force to be reckoned with, as Mizo continues on his surgical warpath to conquer the depths of the neuro sub genre.

“Double Rush” features the mighty Chaser as the duo dive straight headfirst into a sinister stepper. After an additively dark intro, “Double Rush” dissipates into menacing reese basses intertwined with fizzing leads that scour the sonic spectrum. Raw ruthlessness that should be played with caution.

The title track, “Dust Devil” indefinitely marks the precipice of the EP, with a track infused with limitless energy bound to inevitably tear clean across the rave-scape. Frantic basses periodically followed by a devastating reese arrangement encapsulates the raw fury of an outraged Tazmanian Devil shredding jaws across the dance.

“Horizon” takes the listener on an arpeggiated, rolling journey across the skyline coalescing filtered leads with plucky melodies as the tune gradually builds energy. Expect chugging basslines and meticulous drum work.

“Artificial Noise” features the neurofunk veteran Trilo as the two lock horns to create a dancefloor stomper. Emphatic synths accompanied by weighty drums and a disturbing lead, formulates a gritty penultimate track.

“Contactless” rounds off a savage EP with another flawless collaboration with Chaser. Darkness shrouds the soundscape as techy drums drive pulsating sub frequencies, delivering guttural shockwaves as they brutally discharge.

The Dust Devil EP is certain to makes its way into the set lists of neuro connoisseurs worldwide, supported by the mighty Eatbrain this artefact is sure to engrave its mark for some time.

Released today early on Beatport, click here to grab yourself a copy of Dust Devil!

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