2019 has been far from a slow start within the scene, and with No Concept teaming up with North Base, there is definitely no slowing down.

With 2018 being such a huge year from both No Concept and North Base, seeing how they entered 2019 was going to be hyped. Both No Concept, and North Base held us in highΒ anticipation whilst we waited for the drop of “No Mans Land” but it’s finally here!Β 

Releasing last Friday, both duos teamed up battling it out over “No Mans Land” whilst SMK was on the commanders spot, calling out orders.With the track beginning, we’re hit with the war drums building up. With a horn in the back ground, this track definitely has a dark atmosphere surrounding it.

With the jump over the trench, we dropped in to the full-force of ‘No Mans Land’, with a blast of bass, kicks to kill and lyrical murder. This track definitely falls in to category of a “dark roller”, which has been the main theme of 2019 so far. Definitely something we all love to hear. And it’s been done so well between No Concept & North Base.

Such a heavy, and great start to 2019 from all artists behind the track. The combination of North Base and No Concept works so well – being able to hear both their styles within the track, but the chemistry between them works so perfectly. Personally, I hope to see more tracks from No Concept & North Base together!

Until the next time we get to hear a new piece from them, lets venture through No Mans Land. And get this track on repeat! Stream below from Spotify, or Support them today by picking up a copy from Beatport by clicking here.

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