With a unique range of sounds, we indulge ourselves in to the Deflection EP.

OaT & KcA team up to bring us a very unique, and creative EP which dropped on IN:DEEP Music. Holding 5 tracks to the collection. With 4 tracks of pure bliss and skill, and the 5th of an instrumental for those looking to groove out to ecstasy alone.

Before we jump in to the review. I just want to respect how this EP is like no other that I’ve heard before. With the structure to each track, and the sounds we hear, all very unique from two underrated producers in the scene currently. But lets get in to it, lets enter…

The Review

The first track on the EP is the title-track, “Deflection“. The opening of this track, enters us in to an eerie and dismal atmosphere. With a very strange vibe around it. With the drop coming almost suddenly, you’re brought to a stuttering sound, which adds further dynamic in to the atmosphere. Listening to this track more, it sounds to me like something is trying to scatter away.

Shifting away to the second track on the EP, we find ourselves with “Twisted Witness“. With a name like that, it definitely sends chills down my spine. And listening to the track, it isn’t helping me anymore. We are met with an aura of unease which is persistent throughout the track. Alongside a bell chime which takes us on a journey from the introduction to exit, which allows the sound to get stuck in the darkest places of your head. With bass rolling through, this track hits my favourite of the EP.

Daringly moving on to the third track of the EP, with “Open Wide“, we can finally leave the challenging sounds behind. With a metronome sounding beat entering us in to the track, it’s definitely getting us in time for something. With a pulsating bass, and a variety of beats, the structure of this track goes above and beyond again.

The last exclusive track to the EP is “Ecstasy“. Introducing us to this track, is a beautiful female vocal. Although, it also introduces us to an intense and once again, slight eerie atmosphere, which began at the start of this EP. This track is truly different to the rest, with more of an up-beat bounce to it, a slight groove. This track is amazing, and one you should definitely listen too.

The final track on the EP, being “Ecstasy (Instrumental)” is for those of you in a groove, wanting a steady beat without any vocals. Personally, I prefer the vocals over the top, but each to their own!

As said, this EP holds a range of mixed and unique sounds, created in amazing ways. OaT & KcA are both very creative and divine in their production skills. This EP is definitely one to listen to, and the artists are ones to watch.

Stream OaT & KcA’s new EP below.

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