Rido has marched straight into 2019 in style by making his Eatbrain debut – accompanied by a squadron of Neurofunk veterans including the label founder Jade, Joe Ford and Counterstrike. When these names come together, you know they aren’t messing around.

Diving straight into the opening track “Stranger” – the initial atmospheric synths are overridden by a voice speaking of a change for the worse which is ‘very exciting’. This takes the song down a dark path in preparation for the heavy neuro drop we were all hoping for. The second drop is then built up in a similar manner with the narration ‘a change which has affected all of us’, followed by a brief moment of haunting silence before the carnage unfolds once more.

Jade brings his mind-bending abilities to assist Rido in the creation of the deranging track titled “Maze”. More dark and dingy vocals maintain the sinister vibes as you hear “Welcome.. Into full blown psychosis” and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach. With no time to spare you are subjected to madness and the fury of Eatbrain is unleased upon you in a whirl of unhinging sonic riffs. Locked inside the Maze, there is no escape now.

Moving onto “Blueprint”, featuring Joe Ford. A delicately constructed track littered with neuro-reeces sweeping and weaving in and out of each other with seemingly random precision. As the song continues to evolve in the second drop the drums match the pace becoming ever more ruthless.

Finally, we come to the collab with the one and only Counterstrike for “Da F_k”. A truly frantic tune which shall be taking no prisoners on the DnB dancefloors across the globe. Just as you think you’ve heard it all when the smoke clears from the first drop, the chaos induced by the second drop makes it look like the calm before the storm. Barbaric drums sear effortlessly through your eardrums while Rido & The Gang carry you out of the EP on a stretcher.

All in all, a fantastic way to begin the year for Rido! We’re very excited to find out what else he and Eatbrain have in store for 2019.

Stream below on Spotify!

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