A part of Friday’s releases, we also get to hear brand new Roygreen & Protone!

Roygreen & Protone come at us with their second EP on Spearhead, and they don’t disappoint. With a stunning 4-track EP, we hear the sounds of some old school Jazz spliced together with Drum and Bass. It’s truly beautiful!

With the opening track being You Did This featuring Dual. Immediately we’re introduced to the Jazz of the EP and with the kick’s and snare’s being filtered through, we get a full feel of this track. Definitely a smooth introduction, which puts you in a chilled out vibe. With vocals rolling over the track, it definitely gives you the “Feels Good” factor.

Next on the agenda isΒ But I Found featuring Robbie. Having a more atmospherical introduction, with a more vocal start you’re mellowing out on this one. As we enter the drop, your mind is lost between the chilled out liquid-y pattern, the feel of the bass and the occasional vocal, and the beautiful placement of the instruments.

With a more energetic, yet still liquid feel to the intro, is I Know, featuring Joakuim. You’re left feeling on a wave with the slight watery feel in the bridge before the drop. The drop leaves you surfing upwards, as you feel like you’re continually being elevated. This track is probably one of our favourites from the EP – completely atmospheric and euphoric.

Sadly, the EP has to come to an end. Luckily for us, we are brought there by Roygreen & Protone’s standalone Sunlight track. Leaving the Jazz behind this time, we go on a soulful liquid voyage. This track truly has a beautiful and remarkable structure to it. It’s just pure bliss!

Roygreen & Protone’s Ancient Soul EP is out now! Click here to buy yourself a copy, you can also stream below.

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