Both Shyun and Cruk have been individually making waves in the Drum and Bass scene for years now. Their “See It Our Way EP” dropped on the first of February 2019 and has truly blown everyone away with the sheer power they have managed to incorporate into their sound.

Shyun is no stranger to Kasra’s record label: Critical Music. His journey began with them in 2017 with multiple releases. He featured on the album “Critical Music Presents: 15 Years of Underground Sonics” with his tune “Unfold”, where his creative design flourished in an array of intricate & ferociously arranged drums.

Following this, he also appeared on “Critical Music Presents: Modified Sonics” with his remix of “Persuade” by Hyroglifics & Foreign Beggars. To round off the year, he also released an EP featuring Charli Brix and a bonus track with Cruk – named “Critical Presents: Systems 010”.

In 2018 he dropped his first solo, 4 track release on Critical – “The Beast EP” – where he once more demonstrated his ability to create unusual sounds as the building blocks to his sophisticated tunes. His technical skills give him no reason to shy(un) away from any style of DnB, be it heavy hitting face-scruncher such as “The Beast”, or laid-back, euphoric liquid like “Watch Your Step”.

Cruk was first picked up by Critical Music in 2017 with a history of hugely acclaimed releases on labels such as Skankandbass, Bad Taste, Titan, Invisible, Blackout, Dispatch and more. His solo EP “Critical Presents: Binary Vol.14” was released just a month after his special appearance on Shyun’s “Systems 010”.

Binary Vol.14 consists of four heavily bass infected minimal tracks with touches of neuro – generating a dark and abrasive atmosphere. He cleverly uses reverb in such a way that you can’t help feeling a little on edge as he plunges you into ominous aura carried by a diverse variety of drums. With a hard earned reputation like Cruk’s, you know that this man is sure to have a massive future ahead of him, and definitely one to keep an eye on.

So back to 2019!

These two artists have gained a very high level of respect over the past few years from legends in the scene, and ravers across the globe. “See It Our Way EP” bears five tracks of filth and has been highly anticipated after gaining a huge amount of attention, with “Wreckage” featuring on Noisia Radio a week before release.

The first track “Breathe” sets the tone for the EP, with snappy drums, pulsating reeces and stabbing basses interlocking and weaving in and out of each other. You can pick out elements of both artists styles, complimenting one another throughout all five tracks.

Wreckage” takes a heavier turn with a more intense, gravelly reece mixed with a tumbling sensation which leaves you at the mercy of the music, with no escape until the deadly duo give you permission. It progresses to to get even heavier with high-pitch, metallic grinding churning you over and over.

These artists are capable of creating many moods through their music, demonstrated by title track “See It Our Way“. Going deeper into the world of Drum and Bass, resonating basses and pads wobble you right to the core. This tune feels very fast pace, generated by the pitter patter of rapid hats accompanied with swift  kick and snare drums.

Next, “Creatures” opens with gloomy and threatening notes and explodes into a groovy halftime rhythm forged by a dangerous combination of fizzing basses, tight drums and viciously placed clangs. Once again, this demonstrates their extensive proficiency in the art of creating music.

Finally, “Tempest” begins by giving you the sense of the calm before the storm. Despite the intro being reasonably placid, there is light foreshadowing what is to come on the horizon. Before you know it, you’re swept off your feet and locked into a very bouncy ride, littered with sonic tones flying at you from angles you could never predict.

All in all,  it’s been an amazing start to 2019 for Shyun & Cruk! Personally, I cannot wait for what they both have in store next!

Stream “See It Our Way EP” Below:

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