The Space Pirates have been spotted again! This time they return with Sikey and Speedwagon being captains of the ship, running a full-fledged bass cannon attack on us.  

Both Sikey and Speedwagon have been at the forefront and leading names of the Belgiums Drum & Bass scene. They have now joined up with the biggest group of Space Pirates to unleash a 2 track EP, Misty Eyed Dub, on to our eardrums! And this is one attack, that we were not prepared for!

With their first attack, they unleash the master-cannon “Misty Eyed Dub“. As we put up our defenses, we’re met with a light and gentle Drum & Bass beat. But don’t be fooled, as the drop unravels us in to a full-fledged bass attack. With the bass pulsating against our eardrums, we’re left in a heavy trance of dub. The bridge allows us to gain back our energy, before the second wave attack – which is not to be missed!

After a brief intermission, we enter the second attack. With a name like, “Get Vile“, we know it’s not one to mess around with. From to start we’re met with a Reggae cross Dub beat, which just drops our defenses and puts us in to a land of euphoria.

With our defenses dropped, the Space Pirates have won the war and have put us on-board their ship. We now join them on their future voyages.

Sikey and Speedwagon are both talented producers, who have gone above and beyond to deliver this EP. Click here to grab yourself an early copy from Beatport – but be careful, there is a high chance you’ll turn in to a Space Pirate! Arrr!..

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