Luka Per, better known as Smooth, debuts for Eatbrain with “Monsters Inside” EP.ย 

Smooth makes up one half of Telekinesis, who are already well knownย on the Eatbrain label. Smooth now ventures on his solo alias down in to the depths of Eatbrain with his EP, Monsters Inside.

The EP stands with four dark, fiendish and horrifying tracks in Smooth’s signature style. We can only now warn you about the sinister sounds he has in store!

As we enter the EP, we first stumble in to Roly-Poly, and there is no waiting around with this track. We’re immediately entered in to a fast-paced stepping, with the tempo only to rise. As we nearer the drop, the warning horn blows. And for great reason! As we are left with a devious and sinister rolling bass line interspersed with blasts of the horn and a splash of dark vocals keeping us entwined. As we enter the bridge, it makes us see the light again. But that’s only a temporary feeling, as we’re about to get striked again!

Next on the agenda is Ride Out, featuring none only than Coppa! With the quick accelerating introduction, suddenly collapsing in to the sound of a church choir you feel like you’re being exorcised. MC Coppa soon come’s out to play, with his heavy vocals guiding you to the drop. The drop leaves you spun in to a twirl, as if you’re enter the abyss. This track is definitely a heavy stepper!

Monsters Inside is the next track to greet us in horrifying ways, with it’s dark cinematic and atmospheric vibes. With a darkened tone, and with its sinister pads providing the backing for a grinding bass line that slithers through the track’s low end. The track is definitely dark and worthy enough to be the EPs title track.

Our final stop on this journey we enter in to theย Devils’ Head. The Devils’ Head is known to amplify the dark and dingy atmosphere, and it is strongly evident with this track. While maintaining it’s sinister elements, we’re pushed in to overdrive for the furious finale of the EP. Be prepared, you’re going to have to listen to this one yourself!

Smooth always impresses us with each release he has, either by himself or as Telekinesis. But this EP is above and beyond, we can’t wait for more!

Monsters Inside EP is OUT NOW on Eatbrain Records, as a Beatport Exclusive. Click here to grab yourself a copy, or stream it below!ย 

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