You may remember Sublimit from our interview with them a month back. But they’re back with a Beatport Exclusive EP and we couldn’t miss this one.

Releasing on Four Corners as 4CM007, Sublimit bring us a 4 track EP called “Tunnel Vision”. Posted as a Beatport Exclusive, this EP gives you the Drums and Bass you don’t want to miss out on. With the EP already receiving major support from Drum&Bass Arena, Skankandbass and DistrictBass you know it’s going to be fat.

With each track having it’s own style, bass and beautiful creation – this is an EP we had to review. Without further hesitation, lets jump straight in to…

The Review

Introducing us to the EP, is the Title Track “Tunnel Vision“. With the introduction to the track starting off with some echo effects, and the Drum & Bass beat over the top. Which leads us to a dark and eerie sound, warning us that the drops about to hit. With a whisper of the vocals, the drops on top of us. With the dark and eerie sub-bass rumbling, the Drum & Bass beat and the shuffling metallic sound over the top. This track is just insane.

Jumping on to the next track, it’s “Mass Control“. Mass Control brings us on a journey through Drum & Bass. A bouncy tune, with a wizardry of talents in the production of this track. This track is one you’d have to listen to, in order to describe it.

Moving on to the third track on the EP is “Sway“. Sway brings a more dubby (deep dubstep) sounding track. Which makes it probably my favourite track on this EP. With the introduction to the track taking you on the journey, the drop plummets you in to a sound of pure bliss. Whilst the bass in the drop takes control of your senses, you’re just left with pure joy.

The final track of the EP, “In Your Head“, we are left with something a bit more neuro-focused. The introduction of the track pulls us in to focus, ready for the drop. As the drop hits, we’re left bouncing off our feet, with our arms smacking the air. This track will have to take top spot for us, and be our favourite from this EP.

With the review complete, there is only one more thing left for you to do! Take a listen to the tracks yourself. You can grab a copy of this EP at Beatport by clicking here.

Listen to Tunnel Vision down below.

If you like what you hear, make sure you stay up to date with Sublimit over at their Facebook Page. Click here to get straight to their page.

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