A name which is making waves in the world of halftime, Subp Yao is a Dutch producer who specialises in insanely heavy hitting, twisted, beats. This release on an the equally heavy MethLab imprint combines elements of hip hop, DnB, and sound design beyond classification to create a behemoth of sound.

With recent releases on Flexout’s prestigious WAVES series, Unchained, and Saturate, Subp Yao is on a hot producing streak at the moment. This double A release shows that this will only continue.

The first track, Let ‘em Drown, is introduced with metallic atmospheres and a subtle acid bass rhythm in the background. Off kilter hat patterns give way to the eponymous vocal sample washed out with delay, capturing the listener before launching straight in to the drop. An 808-esque kick pattern layered with a variety of percussive elements and a unique snare vary subtly throughout the drop, constantly increasing tension on the dancefloor. A brief period of respite is given with the vocal sample and some pads, before the track resumes at an even greater intensity.

Bubbles, the AA side, has an equally mystifying introduction with resonant bads and plucky synth samples that reflect the tracks name. The drop comes straight in after only one phrase, delivering a cone-rattling distorted 808 layered with a sharp clap and some acid influenced arpeggios. Atmposheric effects create a journey throughout the drop, which continues in to the mid-section. A bass drone signals the end of the track, leaving us wanting much more in the future from this talented producer.

This release can best be described as innovative; a unique take on sound design, arrangement, and structure, Subp Yao is a strong creative force who will be turning heads for the foreseeable future. We can only wait eagerly for more Subp Yao tunes to drop…

Let ‘em Drown // Bubbles is out today on all platforms. Listen to the tracks on Spotify below:

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