19 Year Old, up-and-coming Austrian Producer, Synged, premieres his debut EP on IN:DEEP with his release of “Vanish in the Deep” EP. After producing his own style of music from the age of 12, and has now felt it right to debut his first ever EP, on to IN:DEEP.

With a strong passion for Drum & Bass, he gives us a tour of his passion and energy for the sounds.

Introducing us to the EP, is the first track “O2“. With a bunch of eerie, brushed ‘breaths’, we’re slowly drawn in to carnage with the drop. With a full spectrum of energetic sounds, and a vocal which can only be described as “Yeah”, this track is definitely my favourite from the EP.

Say What” continues the dark atmosphere feeling, with some further eerie sirens, before we get plummeted straight in to a pool of bass. With the ‘deep & stripped back beat augmented by the interjections of tech influenced bases’, and a brief intermission with the bridge, we’re off again in the 2nd drop.

With the title track closing of the EP, “Vanish in the Deep“, this track brings a much stronger and darker feel to it straight from the start. The beginning of the track, giving you a dark start. Before dropping you in to the aggressive but calm bass, with the booming drumbeat leaving you literally vanished in the deep.

Being a 19 Year Old Producer, releasing on IN:DEEP already, Synged is definitely go to go high up in the scene! I’d recommend following his socials, so you can brag “you heard him first!”. Click here to jump straight to his Facebook, or here for Soundcloud.

Stream from Spotify below!

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