What a year Tantrum Desire had in 2018, giving us some of the last years biggest tunes in his original tracks; Vybes, being a mainstay in drum & bass sets across the board, alongside the never-ending roller ‘Lost In The Night’. Let’s not forget his collaborations with Shogun and Elevate head honcho Friction in the form of ‘Stinker’ and with his own label bosses at Technique, Drumsound & Bassline Smith for the aptly named ‘The Bomb’.

…and yet, in the first month of 2019, he’s already blown all of that out of the water. Tantrum desire is showing no signs of slowing down, releasing yet more new music to us this week in the form of a two tracker, Unleashed and Twerk It.

First up is Unleashed, the only snapshot we had of this tune prior to release was a grainy club night video in Seville, direct from the man himself. We were treated to a first-hand view of him shelling down a dub – as the bass stabs came in and the tune hit all you could hear was a muddy chorus of
phone-speaker quality bass but through all of that the tune was distinctively new Tantrum Desire. Needless to say, I was excited.

Unleashed opens a reverberating hat over an eerie and almost dissonant atmosphere, the tension constantly rising with every passing beat. Some crisp strings start to weigh in and the intro progresses with some distinctive vocal risers before a classic Tantrum Desire snare groove kicks in, pushing the energy levels towards the drop, you know this is going to be big. The twisted bass synth starts to filter in whilst tension surges.

Then all hell breaks loose.

The track drops into two bars of space for the lead bass stabs, then the drums chop in along with a bass synth that is as pitch-bending as it is mind-bending, the bass chops and cuts across the first 16 cutting up the groove with some funky metallic synth hits piercing through the mix. Suddenly we’re switching again to a midsection filled with more frequency bending bass before those stabs come back for the final 16 with a renewed energy, driving us to the end of the drop.

I will without question be Unleashing this tune at every chance I get, an instant classic dancefloor filler with a choppy groove that you will not want to turn off.

Normally when an artist releases a two tracker, you might have come to expect a lighter A-side release and then something a bit heavier on the flip side. Tantrum Desire clearly didn’t like that idea as he throws it all out of the window with Twerk It for those double shoe throwing points.

Opening to some playful resonating synth chords that lull you in as the rest of the track builds around you, risers sliding in and overly reverberated percussion slotting into the slowly rolling drums, and then with just 8 bars before the drop the sinister side of this tune takes over, those chords that you latched onto from early on start to warp beyond recognition the drums roll into one all-consuming crescendo.

The drop is preceded by a vocal sample that couldn’t possibly have worked with any other artists pallet of sound, but somehow Tantrum Desire has actually managed to make me want to shout “Twerk It” across any DJ set that is blasting this out at 3am on a Friday night.

The drop hits to a series of uncompromising tearing reese basses, every phrase of the tune is completely unique and massively well thought out, yet holds you in a trance like state with its continual onslaught of chest punching sub bass balanced with some of the crispiest drums I’ve heard in a long time. Over the top of the carnage of the low end, we get a plethora of synth-driven stabs and plucks reverberating and echoing across the tune holding your interest even more.

As dirty as it is hypnotising – Twerk It will no doubt be a mainstay in every DJ’s arsenal for months to come. Tantrum Desire has undoubtedly done it again.

With his first release for the year unleashed (pun intended), we can only hope to expect more from him this year, with many more twisting basslines, heinous remixes and hard hitting drum grooves to come.

Check out both tracks below or grab yourself a copy here!

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