The Shogun Audio duo formed of Komatic & Technicolour, Technimatic, are renowned for their serene liquid lullabies. From our perspective, they’ve had a rather quiet past 12 months when it comes to new music – 2018 gave us three sublime new remixes of Flowidus, Dexcell & Pat Fulgoni and Blu Mar Ten.

However, the time has finally come for us to get a glimpse of what’s been going on behind the scenes! Technimatic will be treating us with a new LP on the 12th of April 2019, titled “Through The Hours”.

Today, a single from the album was released on all platforms called “Sometimes”. Listeners were blown away during the premiere on Monday, heard only by those locked into Rene LaVice’s BBC Radio 1 show.

You can’t stop the sense of nostalgia surging with the risers in the intro and the smile which breaks across your face as the first synth begins to come to life. The euphoria peaks in an explosion of snapping drum breaks, deep diving basses and the male vocals throughout to carry the jubilant vibes.

Honestly, we expected nothing less than this masterpiece from the duo, which they’ve delivered to the highest standard as ever!

You can stream “Sometimes” below to listen to the magic for yourself.

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