With the amount of writers BSSDRP have brought in, we thought it’d be a good time to start projecting them and the talents they bring to us. Not just their writing skills, but also their skills behind the deck too. Thanda (aka Ed) brings us the second addition to the Resident Series, with a heavy hitting Drum n Bass mix.

So, before we get in to introducing Thanda. Not only does Ed right for us, but to all you students in Manchester, he also gives a helping hand with The University of Manchester Drum and Bass Society. So not only does he help BSSDRP and DJ. But he also gets involved with the scene around the University, helping promote and to get events running in the area. Now lets get to introducing Thanda…

Thanda has been in the Drum n Bass scene for a year and a half. Although he is still upcoming, he has supported grand people on main stages. Some of the people Thanda has played alongside with are Loz Contreras, Keeno, Whiney and S.P.Y. Now that’s impressive!

So, now we leave our main stage to Thanda. What are you waiting for? Check out his mix below, and make sure you fly over to his Soundcloud too by clicking here for future things which are coming out from him.

If for whatever reason you missed last week’s mix, then no issue! Click here to check out Reecey B bringing us some groovy house.

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