T>I has been going from strength to strength recently, releasing high quality productions on a number of labels such as Serial Killaz and Souped Up. This even saw him collaborate with one of Drum and Bass’ most impressive producers, Current Value.

Now he’s back with a four track EP on Critical Music. To be precise, this EP has rollers which will, without doubt, find their way onto the USBs of many DJ’s and producers within Drum & Bass, regardless of their preferred flavour.

Let’s jump straight in!

Starting with Tek It Back The track begins by luring us into a dreamlike state with alien tones and touches of percussion. The Rock-solid drums then set in and before you can say “dutty roller” a pounding drop is let loose, with a contagious bassline that will unquestionably have you excited and anticipated for nothing… other than your next DnB rave.

You Wi Jah opens up with soothing pads and distant echoes of percussion – an unsettling hint for the mayhem that’s yet to come. Judging from the samples used in this track, it is no doubt that T>I is influenced by Dancefloor/Ragga. Now let’s talk about the drop. Monstrous tendrils of bass are unleashed, accompanied with a tight drum-loop and a gritty bassline, that will have the dancefloor thriving with energy. This track hits the mark!

Onto Can’t Play Dat This is definitely one for the heads. Opening with rock-solid drums, this is an intro that will certainly have you filled with high end tension. The intro then culminates into a frantic buildup which then drops into a turbulent arrangement. Led by a sinister bass stab which evolves and modulates throughout the track, and accompanied with a piercing sub. This track can only be described as 6 minutes of absolute brutality.

Now last but not least, my favourite track on the EP, 4.23. First up is the calm before the storm, devoid of almost anything. Till we get to the 16 bar mark and things start to build! Right until the full majesty of the drop is unleashed. As if shrapnel shells were being fired straight at you, this arrangement is one absolute ruckus. You are instantly plummeted into a scene led by ruthless bass stabs and break-heavy drums, with a slight junglist edge adding to the flavour. This track is definitely going to grab the attention of ravers worldwide, for sure.

This EP definitely leaves us with some cold cuts!

Overall, this EP will have you begging T>I for more. Unquestionably one of his most impressive releases to date. Shouts out to Critical Music for giving this guy a platform on their label! Hopefully, we’ll see more of his unprecedented talent on the label in due course.

“Cold Cuts” is OUT NOW! Click here to grab a copy for yourself.

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