Excuse me BSSDRP-ers, but it’s time to make way for the new kid on the block. After exploding his way onto the scene last year and with many artists rinsing his ‘Gas Dem’ Ep – this 24 year old lad from Walsall, Birmingham has certainly been making shockwaves ever since. Liam Wood a.k.a. Traumatize is back at it again, delivering some proper face-slapping tunes in the form of the ‘Stereo Yout’ EP.

Exclusively signing to Biological Beats, Traumatize has also been responsible for creating one of those sought after dubs of 2018/19, which people have been dying to get their mitts on. But alas! All our troubles can be laid to rest! As of today, Part One of the ‘Stereo Yout’ EP has finally been released.

Yes, you actually read that correctly. Part One!! So I guess we’ll be eagerly awaiting part two, which is rumoured to have the highly anticipated ‘Mind Your Own’ on. But it’s not like we’ve been waiting a while for this to get a release have we,  – hahaha!

Right, let’s get to down to the nitty gritty shall we?

There’s no messing about, we are straight into the title track ‘Stereo Yout’. Having personally conversed with Traumatize, I know he is huge fan of Dancehall/Ragga and often draws influences from it. This is evident throughout his productions and previous releases. Sampling the vocal from Ninja Man’s ‘When I was a Little Stereo’, this track starts off as a nice melodic little bop. But there’s no time wasting, the darkness and terror immediately crescendo’s to a startling high pitch synth with a eerily haunting sub bass to accompany it. It’s no wonder why this has grown to be such a crowd favourite, it’s an absolute face-melter!

Following on is the second track, “Most High”. Again with dabs of dancehall, Traumatize uses a Vybz Kartel vocal sample, combining it with a punchy, brassy leading synth, a roll of percussive fills and jungle inspired breaks. This rugged, raw track is sure to make you stop you in your tracks and proceed to the dancefloor for a sneaky skank.

Okay, so this is where it get’s interesting and the EP takes a turn in direction. If you’re expecting a big powerful drop with that prolonged main note, definitely think again. ‘The Joker’ is in fact quiet the opposite. With a more minimalistic approach, fast choppy drums, a bouncy bass line and dare I say jazzy melodic keys throughout. The Joker’s menacing vibe lurks in the gloom, but will also have you gagging for more.

For the final track, Traumatize goes in with “Bossman”. Starting off, with a calm uplifting intro, along with lightly composed snares, this track is really starting to show Traumatize’s diversity. Moving away from the moody and dark atmospherics, he uses a bellowing brassy womp to pack some clout, simplistic, yet addictive splintered beats and cuts of vintage movie samples throughout. This track is the perfect weighty conclusion, to an all round stonker of an EP!!

‘Stereo Yout’ EP  is out now! Stream below from Spotify! Or click here to purchase yourself a heavy copy!

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