New Zealander TREi has had an amazing year with Viper, and it’s not done yet. With previous bangers released on Viper earlier this year such as ‘Rebels’, ‘Forces’ and ‘Tonto’. – He has one (two even) more present(s) to hand us, as an early Christmas present.

On Friday, TREi gave us a double track drop, releasing bothย Fools Rush andย The Bend.ย Both tracks containing their unique sounds, and the high-and-mighty Viper standard. So, let’s jump in to the review.

The first out of the two is ‘Fools Rush‘. There’s no stopping once the song has a green light, you’re straight in to the madness. From a rapid build-up, and the Addams Family vocal sample, which sets the pace and vibe. You’re plummeting straight in to the drop of high-energy dance-floor madness. During the sudden bridge, you’re left gasping for air and energy, before you’re slowly taken back in for another adventure. This track has is all, from the heavy kick, to the high-end bass. You’ll be a fool to not like this track.

Taking a different kind of vibe, we enter ‘The Bends‘. This track has both stimulating sound design, and mastery in arrangement. The Bends, has a very vibrant atmosphere around it, with a very unique groove to the beat. With some parts of this track reminded me of the Wild West, perhaps with a futuristic spin to it.

With both these tracks dropped, I hope it’s not a long way in to 2019 where we get to hear more sounds from TREi. It has been an absolutely stunning year for him, and I cannot wait to see more!

Stream the tracks below from Spotify.

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