You may remember Unglued releasing a pure genius remix of High Contrast’s “If We Ever”. But now the master is back again, returning with his very own EP to Hospital Records.

With this new EP, we are greeted with 4 tracks, ready to bounce straight off the speakers and in to our ears. Each track on this EP, shows us Unglued isn’t limiting himself to one set of sounds, and that his production level is not to be reckoned with.

The Review

The first track to the EP, being the title track itself “Deep, Dark & Dirty” featuring Nelson Navarro on vocal duties. This track was originally released on Spotify a few weeks before the initial EP release. Which increased my hype, and probably everybody else’s hype for the upcoming EP, we now get to hear.

Listening to the title track, with a title such as “Deep, Dark & Dirty” it provides just that. The the introduction has a deep & dirty glitch effect to it. Assisted with vocals on top, this track already proves its going to be a banger. The drop provides us with what feels like an echoing naughty bass coming straight from the sub. This roller is definitely sure to go off in the clubs.

The next track is “No Escape”. The track literally provides us with “No Escape”, but it’s not as if we’d want to escape from it either. With an amazing flow, high pitched chimes, and again a naughty bass drum to it – this track is another banger.

Calming things down, Unglued takes us on a journey with “Tekapo”. Taking a listen to this track, it gives me a sense of lo-fi crossed liquid vibe. With a chill out beat, and soothing vocals this track does nothing short of putting you in to the zone.

Sadly, we enter the final track to this EP, with “Original Selector”. This track shows us Unglued definitely knows what he is doing when he is in the lab. With no words that can describe this piece, you’re going to have to listen to it yourself.

Deep, Dark & Dirty is out now, so grab your copies by clicking here or take a listen below.

As well as releasing this EP, Unglued has also released a Spotify Playlist, of what he loves to keep on his USB. You can check this out below!

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