November 30th sees Whiney’s anticipated second full length album, ‘Waystone’, released on Med School. If last year’s LP ‘Talisman’ or 2018’s ‘Sunday Grunge’ EP are anything to go by it’s going to be an absolute stomper.

The album consists of 14 tracks, 3 of which (The Capital, Mission [ft. Inja], Triple Duppy Demon [ft. Hugh Hardie & Truthos Mufasa]) have been released as singles.

The Capital

The LP’s opening track, ‘The Capital’, eases the listener in with an ambient intro packed with futuristic synths, gradually building before dropping into a bouncing jungle roller dominated by hard drums. This tune is certain to be a favourite amongst DJs.


Mission (ft. Inja)

The second track on the album, ‘Mission (ft. Inja)’, brings back the killer Whiney & Inja combo that brought us the certified club classic, ‘Flashlight’. Inja’s repeated lyrics during the intro create suspense before Whiney shows his stuff with a heavy, yet groovy, bassline bound to screw faces on the floor. It’s going to take a lot to top ‘Flashlight’, but ‘Mission’ is a step in the right direction and I look forward to hearing more from this legendary link up.

Triple Duppy Demon (ft. Hugh Hardie & Truthos Mufasa)

Triple Duppy Demon is far from the euphoric liquid track you’d expect from a collab with fellow Med Schooler, Hugh Hardie. Truthos Mufasa, a rapper previously off my radar, brings a vibe to the track that can be described as nothing less than bookey. Mufasa’s lyrics combined with Whiney and Hardie’s growling intro builds to a heavy-hitting halftime drop highlighting the versatility of Whiney as a producer. This track may not be for everyone in the scene, but damn am I feeling it.

The three released tracks allude to a refreshing, yet heavy, release from Whiney. We are yet to hear the softer side of his production showcased in tracks such as ‘Teddy’s Gate’. Liquid influences will inevitably appear through the several vocalist collaborations on the album, although who knows what to expect if the Hugh Hardie link up is anything to go by.

‘Waystone’ is released on November 30th through Med School. All pre-orders of the album through the Hospital Records website will be personally signed by Whiney.

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