When you see a Viper release, you know it’s not one to miss. But when you see a name you’ve never seen before releasing on Viper, you definitely have to find out more!

We managed to grab an interview with Michel Losch, the man behind the new alias of Millbrook, and the new kid on the Viper block. So come on, who is Millbrook? Lets find out!

Let’s get straight to the point – Who is Millbrook?

Well… To make it simple, it’s the new me.

That’s playing hard to get! Who are you?

Well, the name you’re probably familiar with is the old me, Vacuum.

Oh Vacuum, hello! Why have you decided to switch your alias to Millbrook?

Well, to start of everything I know about Drum & Bass today comes from experiences I’ve gained over the years as Vacuum. I’m very happy with how things went and the amazing support I’ve been getting. But a name change is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Although as things went well under Vacuum it didn’t feel right to just suddenly change my alias.

I care a lot about self-development and as a result of that I’ve changed a lot over the past 1 or 2 years as a human and with that, I felt that changing my name to something more personal and overall, something more thought through just felt right.

When I was offered a partnership with Viper Recordings I knew it was time to finally take that next step. Just a fresh start, so to say. I’ve almost had a year now of me trying to figure out what this new project is going to be and I’m still not 100% sure. However, I do have a vision both sound wise and visually to work towards to and now I also have a great manager and Viper’s team behind me to support me along the way!

Define “Millbrook”, how did the name come about?

Millbrook was the final result of my long extensive search for the new project name, as previously mentioned. I originally knew I wanted “Mill” as the first part to resemble my name Michel. Then myself and my manager sat down and went over an endless amount of possibilities for the rest of the name. In the end I decided to settle for “Brook” which reminded me of where I’m from Luxem”bourg”. What helped me settle for the name, is that I have Synesthesia, which makes me see numbers and letters in colours. So, one thing the new name had to be was a colour that I liked, and Millbrook gives me that! Haha.

That sounds interesting! What colour does the alias Millbrook give you?

Every letter has its own colour to me. However, an entire word made out of a few different letters might result in a different colour. So the word Millbrook (in total) is mostly black and red, with some white.

But individual letters like the “b” is blue to me and the “k” is yellow, “o”’s are white and the “i” is red. The “m” and “l”’s are black, now you know everything, haha. 

Normally when people make a new alias, they join a different genre. Most recently DJ Ez has introduced his new alias Elvin Zedo which will be producing House/Techno music.

But you’re planning to stay within Drum & Bass? What more could we expect from Millbrook that we haven’t quite seen on Vacuum?

I love Drum & Bass, more than anything. However, I have a lot of stories to tell and Drum & Bass is not always the right language to do so. For now, you can expect a variety of tracks coming out that will be Drum & Bass only.

I don’t know what the future will bring. To be honest, I am still finding my sound and I think once I get closer to it I will try to break borders and try out different genres that will still sound like me. I don’t like limiting myself by any means, especially not by genres. As I moved to Berlin almost 3 years ago, I am literally surrounded by Techno every day, so who knows…

For now though, Drum & Bass gives me all the creative possibilities I need.

Kicking you off with the debut, you have two stunning tracks (and an instrumental) which JUST released. How did this all come about?

I had been working on both of these tracks for probably over a year. 

Refractions was a weird project for me. It was one I never finished but always opened every now and then to have a look at. I remember one of my best friends came to my place the other day and heard an early version of Refractions and he was really into it. If it wasn’t for him, I would probably never have sent it to Viper in the first place!

The Rise is a project that got me in contact with Vorso, who is such a talented guy. I love everything he does and I’m inspired by his versatility in each and every one of his tracks. The Rise was our first tries on a collaboration and it turned out great!

We had the track on the side for months until Viper heard it. Once they did, they managed to get Mad Hed City to put a vocal on it. It just gave the track exactly what it needed and we finally got to finish it! I guess that’s one of the many benefits of being signed to a big label like Viper Recordings, hehe.

So with a new alias, you’re Futurebound’s latest signing to the label, Viper. This must be a dream come true for you?

It really is… I’ve been following them for years! The music they’ve released over the years is just insane. Starting this new project wasn’t an easy decision at all, but having their trust and support behind me gave me the confidence I needed! They gave me all the creative freedom I needed to create this new project, and now I just can’t wait to keep moving forward!

With your debut from Millbrook complete, what can we expect next?

Expect the unexpected, I guess! I am going to try out different things and also make sure to not repeat myself along the way. Just keep it fresh!

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